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Terms of Use close

Chapter 1 General Provisions


Article 1 Purpose


The goal of this provision is to define the utilization conditions and processes of cryptocurrency payment related various services (hereafter “the Service”) in relation to rights, obligations, responsibility and other necessary matters, which Coin Island Inc., (hereafter “the Company”) provides.


Article 2 (Definition of Terminology)


The definitions of terminologies in this provision are following:

1. Service: The Service refers to the Company’s cryptocurrency payment service and general services in relation to this, which members can use, regardless of equipment (includes PC, mobile equipment and other various wire and/or wireless equipment)

2. User: It refers to the members and non-members who are provided with the services which the Company provides according to this provision.

3. Member: Those users who have approved this provision and join as a member after signing the utilization contract with the Company.

4. ID (or Account): To identify each member and utilization of service, a combination of characters and numbers which combined by the member, approved by the company.

5. Password: To confirm the identity of the member and to protect the member’s information, a combination of characters, numbers and special characters which the member has set according to the approval of the Company.

6. Payment password : This number is approved by the company in order to confirm the membership identity when payment.

7. Cryptocurrency: The value of the currencies are electrically marked on the Blockchain network, which the members can trade on the services, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others.

8. Cryptocurrency Wallet: All cryptocurrency storage which the member or the other person possesses or uses outside the Coin Island Wallet. The cryptocurrency Wallet is not controlled or managed by the Company.

9. Coin Island Wallet: This refers to a cryptocurrency storage where the Company’s users to preserve cryptocurrency which linked to the members’ ID. The members can exchange cryptocurrency between “Cryptocurrency Wallet” through “Coin Island Wallet.”

10. Contents Service: This refers to the information and/or data of digital format of sign, characters, figures, colors, voices, sounds, images, videos (including the combination of these) which the Company provides to the members.

11. Coin People Service: This refers to the service which provides exchange of payment information and convenience of balancing the accounts for smooth handling of transactions when paying the prices of goods and services and other services by cryptocurrency, on the on- and off-line.

12. User: This refers to the corporate body who are joining and using the Coin People services.

13. Coin Store Service: This refers to the Service which provides payment information and convenience of balancing the accounts for smooth handling of transactions when the store (defined in below 13th paragraph) wants to get paid with cryptocurrency of goods and services and other services on the on- and off-line.

14. Store: This refers to the corporate body who is using the Coin Store Service after joining.

15. Annual Fee: This refers to the annual fee for the stores which announced by the Company.


Article 3 (Post and Revision of Provisions)


1. This provisions will be announced on the homepage or other methods; by joining the site as a member, this provision is consented and be effective from that time.

2, When it is necessary, the Company can revise the provision within the scope of not violating the related legislations.

3. When the Company is revising the provisions, the Company shall state the contents of revision and date of application and announce it 7 days before the application date through the date before application on the first page of the homepage with current provisions. However, when it the revision is unfavorable to the members, the Company shall announce it 30 days before the application.

4. It is regarded as the members has consented with revised provisions if he/she does not explicitly express the intention of refusal, when the Company states that if the members do not express the will regarding to the matter according to the previous provision, than it is regarded as the expression of will is done.

5. If the members does not agree with the revised provision, he/she can express the intention of refusal to the Company until the date before the application and cancel the service utilization contract.


Article 4 (Regulations Other than Provisions)


The interpretation of the matters not defined in this provision and this provision shall according to the Consumer Protection Law in E-commerce, Law in relation to the regulations of provisions, guidelines for consumer protection in E-commerce enacted by Fair Trade Commission and general trade practices. However, to the trade between the members through the Service which the Company provides, Laws in relation to the door-to-door sales, Basic Act for E-Commerce and Consumer Protection Law is preferentially applied; the members cannot insist exemption to the counter-party based on this rule of provision.


Chapter 2 Application and Approval of Service Usage (Joining and Withdrawal of membership)


Article 5 (Establishment of Utilization Contract)


1. The user applies for the membership joining, by entering the member information according to the format set by the Company and expressing the will of consenting with the provisions.

2. The service usage contract (hereafter “Usage Contract”) comes into existence when the Company approves that member’s join, and that approval reaches to that member.

3. The usage contract is concluded by each ID. If the usage contract is enacted, the applicant shall be enlisted as a member.

4. Those who joined with fake name or others’ name or stole other’s personal information such as telephone number, cannot be protected by the law; all the civil and criminal responsibility shall be burdened by the member him/herself.

5. Application according to the section 1, the Company may require for the verification of real name and certification of oneself through specialized agency, in accordance with the type of the user, in line with relevant Acts. If the member refuses to provide the requested materials and fails to verify the identification, the Company does not bear any disadvantages in regarding to this.


Article 6 (Consent to Membership Information Utilization and Approval of Enlist of Membership)


1. Consent to the Use of Member Information

The Company use the personal information for the purpose of the members to execute the usage contract and provide the Services in accordance with the utilization contract.

To allow the members to conveniently use of the Services provided by the Company and affiliates (hereafter “Affiliates”), the personal information may be provided to the affiliated companies. However, before providing the information, the preservation of personal information and its period, the fact that one can reject the agreement and if there are any disadvantages, that should be notified and get agreement from the members.

However, the Company always provides or distribute member’s personal information to the 3rd party with notifying beforehand about the affiliates, the purpose, the contents and get agreement, except for the case in which the governmental institution’s request according to the Framework Act on Telecommunications, on the purpose of criminal inspection, and on the request of Korea Internet Safety Commission. However, if the two parties of trade exchange the personal information in accordance with normal trade process, this paragraph does not apply.

The Company does not opt for the agreement of personal information collection, usage and providing check-box beforehand. Also, the Company elaborates the limited service scope when the member does not agree on it; if it is not necessary collection items, the Company does not limit or reject the Service providing by not agreeing with personal information collection, usage and providing.

2. Approval of the Enlist of Membership

The Company may approve the membership joining of a person when that person entered all the requested information on the membership joining format. However, in the case of no. 2 or no. 3, the Company may defer or reject the approval.

The Company may defer the approval of enlist of membership when:

(a) there is no room for facilities

(b) there is technical inconvenience

(c) there is difficulties due to the circumstances of the Company

The Company may reject the approval of enlist of membership when:

(a) the name is not real

(b) when the application is made with other person’s name

(c) the requested information is spuriously entered

(d) when the application is made to hinder the peace and order of society or beautiful and fine custom

(e) when there is incomplete part of requirement defined by the Company


Article 7 (Limitation and Cancellation of Utilization Contract)


1. The usage contract shall be cancellation of the member or the Company. The damage caused by the member’s cancellation of usage contract shall be burdened by that member and the Company shall have no responsibilities.

The member who want to cancel the contract can leave through membership withdrawal in application. The remained cryptocurrency in the Coin Island Wallet will be eliminated at the same time of cancellation and withdrawal from Coin Island and it will not be allowed although re-entry.

The Company may restrict the usage of the Service for a certain defined time or cancel the usage contract when the member may commit a action conform to following during the usage:

(a) If there is any violation of following:

Stole the other’s service ID and Password

Deliberately hinder the Service management

The name is a fake

Deliberately distributing the contents hindering order and custom

The member plans or uses the Service to impede the national interest or social good

The Action of defamation and/or disadvantage is done

Sending great quantity of information and/or commercial information for the purpose of impede stable management of the Service

Distributing PC virus program which incurs malfunction of information and communication equipment and/or destruction of information

Wrongful use of others’ personal information, ID and password

Copying, distributing or commercially using the information acquired through the Company’s Service without the Company’s permission

Multiple registration of the same person with different IDs

Breaching the intellectual property of the Company, other members or the 3rd person

When there is a requirement for correction by outer institutions such as Korea Communication Standards Commission and/or authoritative interpretation is made by National Election Commission in relation to the illegal election campaign

Violating usage condition defined by the Company including this provision

When the dormant member does not express the will to use the Service within the informed period

Collecting, saving and making public of personal information of users without consent

In inevitable cases to improve the Service enhancement of the Company

(b) In the following cases occurs:

When the manager or administrator determines that it is not suitable for the user to use the Service

A case which objectively considered as associated with crime

A case which violates other related laws

A case which store does not use the service of Coin Store intentionally.

2. Process of Service Use Restriction

When the Company wants to restrict the use according to Article 1 paragraph 2, the Company shall notify the member or the representative of its reason, date and periods via written notice, phone call and message function of the homepage beforehand.

However, when the Company admits that the suspension of the Service shall be executed immediately, the Company can suspend the usage without above mentioned process; this shall be notified afterwards.

The member or the representative who is restricted from the Service can file an objection if there is any dissent.

The Company lift the restriction only if the reason for restriction is dissolved during the restricted period.

3. Cancellation of Usage Contract

The Company can cancel the usage contract when the same action is repeated more than twice after the restriction is applied, when the reason is not corrected within the 30 days period, and/or violation of 1. (a) is found.

When the Company cancels the usage contract, the registration of member is obliterated. In this case, the Company notifies to the member and give primafacie evidence of the reason before obliterate the registration.


Article 8 (Alternation of Membership Information)


1. The members, at any time, can peruse and amend their personal information through personal information amendment page on the Company’s homepage. However, those information needed for management of service such as real name, date of birth, sex, ID, cryptocurrency wallet cannot be amended.

2. The member shall make a amendment through online if there is any change to the information when he/she wrote when joining as a member; or, one should notify the Company the change via E-mail and so forth.

3. The Company shall not burden any disadvantage caused by not notifying the change according to the paragraph 2.


Chapter 3 Obligation of Members


Article 9 (Obligation of Members on Members’ ID, Password and Password for Payment Management)


1. All the management responsibility of ID, Password and Payment Password lies to each member. The consequences of improper management and wrongful use of ID, Password and Password for Payment granted to each member shall be burdened by the member.

2. When the member recognizes that his/her ID is wrongfully used, he/she must notify the fact to the Company and should follow the instruction.

3. In the case of paragraph 2, if the member does not notify to the Company or does not follow the instruction, the Company has no responsibility for any occurred disadvantage.


Article 10 (Providing of Information)


The Company can provide following Service information which acknowledged as necessary to the Service to the members via E-mail or DM; if the member does not want to receive the information, he/she can un-subscribe on the joining application menu or member information amendment menu.

1. Services related to cryptocurrency payment

2. Services related to events and ceremony

3. Services which the Company determines and provides to members frequently


Chapter 4 General Provisions on Service Usage


Article 11 (Types of Services)


1. The Company provides the Services such as a cryptocurrency payment (deposit, withdrawal, market value search), contents, Coin Island Wallet, Coin People Service, Coin Stores Service, etc.

2. The type of the Services which the Company provides can frequently changed dependent on the circumstances of the Company; all the copyright and intellectual property rights of the provided Service, belongs to “the Company.”

3. The Company grants the members account, ID, rights to used the service company according to the usage condition defined by the Company; the member cannot provide similar services to others nor execute commercial actions.


Article 12 (Announcement and Alternation of Service Contents)


1. The Company makes announcement of the features of each Service, procedure and method on the Service page according to the type of the Service and the member shall understand the contents of each Service announced by the Company and use it.

2. When there is a change in the contents of the Service, the Company shall notify it at least 7 days before the application, and the Company does not take responsibility for the damage caused to the member by not checking the announcement.


Article 13 (Maintenance and Discontinuation of Services)


1. If there is no business nor technological malfunction, the member can use the Service all year around, 24 hours per day, except for the days which the Company designates as closing day or times such as routine inspection.

2. The Company may divide the Service into certain field and set for a available time for each field. In this case, the contents shall be notified beforehand.

3. The Company may discontinue to provide the Service in the following cases:

In the inevitable cases such as construction of the Service facility repair

In the case of key telecommunications business operator which stipulated by Telecommunications Business Act, suspended to provide the telecommunication service

In the case that the Service is provided by 3rd person such as affiliates and the 3rd person such as affiliates suspend to provide the Service

In the case that there is an irresistible force

4. The Company may restrict or suspend all or part of the Service when there is a problem with normal Service usage such as state of national emergency, blackout, malfunction of service facilities and/or deluge of the Service usage.

5. The Company may suspend to provide the Service when changing to a new Service or if there is a circumstance where the Company may not able to provide the Service.


Chapter 5 Service Utilization in Relation to Cryptocurrency Payment


Article 14 (Utilization of Services)


1. When the member deposits cryptocurrency to the cryptocurrency account designated by the company, the company provide this deposited cryptocurrency to member’s Coin Island Wallet.

2. When the member uses the cryptocurrency payment service, he/she must deposit the cryptocurrency to Coin Island Wallet.

3. The company provides the information about market price and commission of the cryptocurrency which the member is going to use. The member agrees that even in the case when the company is not able to provide such information, the transaction is not affected.

4. The member agrees that the company does not take a responsibility of the fluctuation of the value of cryptocurrency. When the suspension of cryptocurrency market or inevitable event such as Article 22 paragraph 1 occurs, the Company can execute more than one of the following action and the Company does not take responsibility of damage caused to the member.

Access suspension to the Service

Suspending all the actions within the Service

5. When the member asks for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency in the Coin Island Wallet to the Company, the Company provides the cryptocurrency to the member’s own cryptocurrency wallet.

6. The Company may require the verification of real name and identification of oneself through specialized institution within the scope allowed by regulation to confirm that the information provided by the member corresponds to the fact when the member tries to withdraw the cryptocurrency.

7. The responsibility of accurate cryptocurrency wallet which the member uses lies to each member; the Company does not take responsibility of sending cryptocurrency to the wrongly entered cryptocurrency wallet.


Article 15 (Restrictions on Services)



Reason for Suspension

Lift Condition

Suspension Efficacy

Service Restriction (Services other than log-in is unavailable)

- Unconfirmed name (contact address)
- Hijacking / fraud accident
- The member related to the accident (corresponding contact address and personal information)
- Consecutive error with payment security
- Application of usage agreement withdrawal
- Others: decided by the administrator of the Company (when causing severe damage to the normal service providing)

- Resolving the cause for the suspension
- Decision of the administrator of the Company

Payment and withdrawal unavailable other than the Company log-in

Log-in Restriction

- Consecutive error with the password
- Hijacking / fraud accident
- Doubtful of illegal use of other’s name
- Others: decided by the administrator of the Company

- Resolving the cause for the suspension
- Decision of the administrator of the Company

Log-in unavailable

purchasing, selling, deposit and withdrawal service restriction

Depends on the decision of the administrator of the Company, if there is no problems other and payment / deposit and withdrawal, this can be handled as partial service restriction.

- Resolving the cause for the suspension
- Decision of the administrator of the Company

Certain service unavailable


Chapter 6 Commission on Service Usage


Article 16 (Contents of Service Commission in Relation to Cryptocurrency Payment)


1. The company imposes the commission to the stores in return for providing the Service through Coin Store. The commission is stated on the company’s homepage of way of utilization and it may be changed dependent on the circumstances of the company and the market.

2. The company may suspend to provide the Service when changing to the new Services or when a reason for unable to provide the Service occurs.

3, The company shall compensate the damage caused to the user or the 3rd party by the reason of the first paragraph, of temporary suspension of the Service. However, if the company can prove that it does not have any intention or mistake, the company shall not compensate for the damage.


Chapter 7 Utilization of the Services


Article 17 (Utilization of the Services)


1. Utilization of the Service

The company execute following tasks to provide the Service.

- Providing necessary the company’s payment URL, page and system when the user asks for the payment

- Providing detailed information about the Company’s market value and payment detail to exchange quantity of cryptocurrency when make a payment

- Providing the payment history inquiry service to balance the account

- Other tasks defined by the Company in relation to the management of the Company

The stores shall execute following tasks when using the Coin Store Service.

- Customer response, refund and cancellation in relation to the Company’s payment

- Throughly understand the usage provisions of the Company and execute obligation of notification to the members of precautions in relation to the cryptocurrency payments.

The store shall not use the Company’s Service on the purpose of selling custom-hindering and/or legally prohibited products and services and contents, including exaggerated information.

The delay on Store may occur due to cryptocurrency network circumstances or system maintenance work and other inevitable causes; the Company does not take any responsibility in regarding to this.

Coin Island Wallet is the Service based on the market value of cryptocurrency; the Service may temporarily suspended when the market value soars or collapses.

2. Coin Store Service Calculation

The Company calculates the sale money which the store received with cryptocurrency to the store’s Coin Island Wallet.

Withdrawal of calculated sale money does not exceed maximum 3 business day, based on the transfer date to the wallet.

3. Cancellation of Payment

When the member asks for the cancellation within 1 hour of the payment, the store directly handles the request under their responsibility.

When the payment delay or cancellation due to the store’s mistake occurs, the store shall take all the responsibilities.

4. Commission of the Company

Sales Commission

- Sales Commission is stated on the Company’s homepage; when calculation is made, certain percentage of commission is deducted. However, the rate of the sales commission can be changed according to the Company’s policy.

Withdrawal Commission

- Withdrawal commission is stated on the Company’s homepage. The rate of the withdrawal commission varies according to the cryptocurrency.

Annual Fee

- Annual fee is stated on the Company’s homepage. However, the annual fee can be changed according to the Company’s policy.


Chapter 8 Protection of Personal Information


Article 18 (Consent on Utilization of Membership Information)


1. When personal information is changed, the member should amend related information by notifying to the administrator or via amendment through personal information amendment menu on the Company’s homepage immediately. However, user ID, name, date of birth, sex, cryptocurrency wallet cannot be changed due to management of credit.

2. In relation to the previous paragraph, all the disadvantages caused by un-amended information shall be burdened by the member; the Company does not take any responsibilities.

3. If the member is dissatisfied with the Company’s personal information policy, he/she should submit related contents in written format and in this case, the Company should handle the dissatisfaction according to the legitimate procedure.

4. The member’s usage contract cancellation shall be in line with Article 7; in this case, the personal information which is stated in Consumer Protection Law shall be saved and be deleted later on.

5. The Company shall preserve the personal information for certain period of time when there is an obligation to destruct, if there is a need according to commercial law. However, the back numbers of collected resident registration number shall be concealed.


Chapter 9 Indemnification and Exemption Clauses

Article 20 (Indemnification)

The Company does not take any responsibilities to the accident caused by violating the trade regulation defined in this provision; also, the Company does not take any responsibilities to the dispute caused by the mistake made by the member. The damage caused by affiliates follows the provisions of affiliates, and make it a rule to resolve the dispute between affiliates and the member.


Article 21 (Exemption)


1. The Company does not take responsibilities as following:

(a) Eruption of a war, incidents, natural disaster and inevitable cases such s state of national emergency which come close to those

(b) When the damage is occurred due to the user’s intention or mistake

(c) In the case of malfunction of telecommunication service which other key telecommunications business operator provides occurs

2. The Company does not take responsibilities of any malfunction of the Service utilization due to the reasons imputable to the uses.

3. The Company does not take responsibility of contents which the user posted or transmitted.

4. The Company does not take responsibility when flaw caused to delivery of cryptocurrency due to the service malfunction of management system of issuing cryptocurrenciy or telecommunication service company nor regular server checking time.


Article 22 (Disapprove of Proxy and Guarantee)


1. The Company does not have any rights to represent the member who wants to use the services and any actions of the Company does not be considered as proxy to the member.

2. The Company does not guarantee the goods and services which handled by the linked site. The Company and linked sites are independently operated and the Company does not take any responsibility to the trade between the linked site and member.


Article 23 (Competent Court and Proper Law)



1. When dispute occurs in relation to the Service usage such as the Company’s fee structure, the dispute shall be conciliated at the designating court which takes charge of jurisdiction is where the user lies as a competent court.

2. If the user lives in a foreign country, conciliation will be designated court which takes charge of jurisdiction is where the headquarter lies as a competent court.

3. The lawsuit between the Company and the member in relation to the Service usage shall adopt South Korean Law.

Privacy Statement close

Coin Island Inc., (hereafter “Coin Island”) follows the personal information protection policy defined by Act on the Protection of Personal Information and tries its best to protect the rights of the users by defining the personal information process policy.


1. Collection of Personal Information


Coin Island collect the minimum information to join the membership and use the services.

When collecting the user’s personal information, we shall notify the fact to the members beforehand and shall acquires the agreement.

1) At the point of joining the membership, Coin Island collects following informations from the uses:

- Name, address, nickname of address, password, password for payment, telephone number, e-mail address, nationality, copy of the ID

2) Additionally collecting personal information from the users for verification of security when pay and balance the account is following:

- Telephone verification: Using Google OTP

- Deposit and withdrawal of Cryptocurrency: Address of Cryptocurrency wallet (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple)

3) While using the service, following information can be generated, collected and used:

- Equipment information (OS, size of screen, device ID, telephone number, UID, UUID, IMEI), IP address, service history, user status information, cookie


2. Utilization of Personal Information


(The purpose of the utilization)

Coin Island only utilizes the user’s personal information based on the following purposes;

1) Verification of the user, confirmation of joining will and age, prevention of faulty member’s illicit usage, management of members

2) Providing various services such as link services provided by affiliates

3) Handling of inquiry or dissatisfaction of the user and delivery of notice

4) Providing the promised services and calculation of usage charge

5) Developing new services, delivering information on events and utilizing for marketing and advertisement

6) Analyzation of the service history and access frequency, statistics on the service usage, establishment of privacy protection service environment, providing bespoke service and utilization to service enhancement


(Period of Use)

Coin Island is utilizing the user’s personal information restrictively based on the purpose of collection and usage and usage period; the personal information shall be immediately when the user asks for membership withdrawal and/or withdraw from the agreement. However, certain information that should be preserved shall be kept under the period defined by the law in relation to the act on the consumer protection in the electronic commerce transactions, Electronic Financial Transaction Act and Protection of Communications Secrets Act.

1) Consumer protection in the electronic commerce transactions

- Record on collection / process and usage of credit information: 3 years

- Record on contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years

- Record on payment or supply of goods: 5 years

- Record on customers dissatisfaction or dispute settlement: 3 years

- Record on mark / advertisement: 6 months

2) Electronic Financial Transaction Act

- Record on electronic finance: 5 years

3) Protection of Communications Secrets Act.

- Log-in history: 3 months


3. Offering and Consignment of Personal Information


(Offering personal information to the 3rd person)

Coin Island does not offer personal information to the 3rd person as a general rule. However, when the user directly agrees to offering the personal information to the 3rd person, Coin Island offers the information based on the events when; the obligation to submit the information occurs according to the related regulations; the imminent danger is confirmed to the user’s life or safety and to resolve this.


The 3rd person which Coin Island provides personal information after acquiring the consent of the user is following:

Service Name

Provided Entity

Provided Item

Period of Use

Coin People

Coin Store Affiliates

Nickname of the account

Until membership withdrawal or affiliate contract expiration


4. Destruction of Personal Information


Coin Island destroys the user’s personal information after the purpose of the collection and usage of personal information fulfilled.

However, in the case that the personal information should be preserved according to the related regulations, the personal information shall be destroyed after the certain period of time. In this case, the separately preserved information will only be used in a purposed according to the regulations.

Information in electronic format will be destroyed using technical method not to be restored or revived. Other formats, such as documents, prints, letters will be destroyed with grinder or incinerator.


5. Rights of the User and Legal Representative and its Execute Method


Coin Island is protecting the user’s rights as following:

1) The user can view and amend their personal information at any time.

2) The user can ask the withdrawal of agreement of personal information offering / withdrawal of membership joining at any time.

3) When the personal information correction requirement is made, the user’s personal information does not used or provided until the amendment is done, to use and provide accurate personal information. If the information is already provided to the 3rd person, we will inform them immediately to make correction.


To view and correct the personal information of the user, the user can make amendment at ‘correction of personal information’; to withdraw from the membership (agreement withdrawal), the user can do this by clicking on ‘withdrawal’ from the service settings.


6. Matters on Installation and Management of Personal Information Automatic Collection Device and Rejection of This


1) Definition of Cookie

Cookie is a very small text file which the server running the web-site sends to the user’s browser; this is saved in the user’s computer.

2) Purpose of Cookie Usage

By utilizing cookie, the server can provide faster web environment to the user by saving the preferential settings and it also utilizes service enhancement for convenient usage. Through this, the user can use the service more easily.

3) Installation, Management and Rejection of Cookie

The user holds the option to choose the installation of cookie, and at refuse to save or delete the cookie at any time.

4) Way to Refuse Cookie

- Internet Explorer : Click on Tools > Click on Internet Option > Click on Personal Information Tap > Set the level for personal information handling

- Chrome : Click on Settings > Click on View the Advanced Settings > Click on Personal Information-Contents Settings > Set for the Cookie Level

- Safari : Click on the Configuration > Click on Personal Informatino Tap > Set for the Cookie and Web-site Data Level


7. Actions to Secure the Personal Information Stability


Coin Island is taking following technical, management, physical actions when processing personal information to make sure it is not stolen, robbed, forged, falsified or damaged:

1) Establishment and Execution of Internal Management Plan

To handle the personal information safely, we establish and execute internal management plan

2) Restriction of Access to the Personal Information

We have minimized the person in charge of the personal information and taken necessary steps to restrict access to the personal information by granting, altering and deleting the access authority to the database system which processes personal information.

3) Encryption of Personal Information

We are transmitting the user’s personal information through encrypted communication interval and preserving the key information such as passwords encrypted.

4) Preservation of Access History and Prevention of Forge and Falsification

We are preserving and managing the history of access to the personal information processing system (web log, summary information, etc.) and utilizing security function to prevent access history from forge, falsification, robbery or loss.

5) Technical Measures in Preparation for Hijacking

In preparation for damage to the personal information, we are frequently backing up the data; also we are preventing the user’s personal information from leaking or damaging by using up-to-date vaccine program. We are controlling the unauthorized access from outside utilizing the trespass block system and trying to prepre all the technical equipment to secure other systematical security.

6) Access control on Unauthorized Person

To prevent the leaking of the personal information, we are running the access control system and device to control outsider’s access all the time.


8. Person in Charge of Personal Information Protection and Contact Information


Coin Island has designated the person in charge to protect the user’s personal information, to solve the questions and handle the dissatisfaction. We will whenever provide the proper answer to your inquiries.


9. Change of Personal Information Processing Policy


This Personal Information Policy will effective on and after October 10, 2018.


[Person in Charge of Personal Information Protection]

Name : Lee, Jae-hyun

Title : Person in charge of personal information protection

Contact information : 042-382-0202 (Customer Center)

e-mail : support@coin-island.com